Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fleece Blankets

A sleeved fleece blanket is a unisex body-length blanket with sleeves usually made of fleeceor Velux material. It is like-minded in design to a bathrobe that is designed to be worn backwards (i.e., with the opening in the back). The item has been marketed by various brands as the Snuggie, Snuggler, Doojo, Toasty Wrap, and Slanket, with changing dimensions, colours and qualities of materials but similar standard design. The "Snuggie" brand itself also became a phenomenon of pop tradition, outselling other brand names and being referenced or imitated by many comedians or Shows.

The Snuggie keeps you wonderfully comfortable and gives you the freedom to make full use of your hands. Work the remote, use your computer system or do some reading in ultimate warmness and comfort! Lower the thermostat and keep on being warm and comfortable head to toe with the fleece blanket.
Snuggie is engineered with extremely soft, solid, luxurious fleece with spacious, over-sized sleeves that let you do what you want while still being totally wrapped in warmth.

Remain comfy from head to toe with this Snuggie super-soft, super-thick fleece blanket. Snuggie blanket features over-sized sleeves that keep your hands free to read, eat, make use of your notebook and remote controls, talk on the home phone all in toasty ease and comfort! Additionally, Snuggie gives you the liberty to move around-without slipping or sliding-off like normal blankets. Great for indoors or outdoors for winter season sports events or cand dry. A single size fits all - men, women and kids.

During March 5, 2010, at a Cavaliers game, Snuggie wearers shattered a world-record for sleeved blanket wearing. About 22,500 fans was wearing custom-produced, limited edition Cleveland Cavaliers Snuggie blankets for five minutes. A Guinness World Records person was on hand to reward the official World Record document to KeyBank, the Cavaliers and Snuggie.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012